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  • What the characters show us about the context
    • Hyde is presented as a changeable character. He is shown to have a good and a bad side to his personality. The phrase: ''wholly evil'' implies the darkness that many Victorians were fixated on repressing.
    • The main male characters were described as: ''all intelligent, reputable men'' . This mirrors the general goal for men of this time. They all strived to be successful and went to any length to retain their reputability.
    • Hyde is an extended metaphor for beliefs of the Victorian society. ''I had now two characters'' portrays the common dilemma that Victorians faced. They were stuck between their façade identity to society and their reserved a raw, unseen personality which was only present in secrecy as this would taint their reputation.
      • Many Victorians were afriad that their contrevertial actions would be frowned upon by the wider community therefore, they created a doppleganger in order to hide these often heinous acts from the judgment of their friends and family. This method was quickly adopted by the vast majority of the Upper Class
    • Hyde has ''an ivory-faced and silvery-haired old woman'' who opens his door, this would lead to inference that she was a maid. During this era the wealthy employed house staff to highlight their wealth.
    • The maid ''had an evil face, but her manners were excellent. I believe this conveys the duality within the citizens of the upper class. Although they were well educated, and polite with immaculate etiquette, they had a dark, evil side to them which was hidden, making this evil side even more dangerous.
      • Duality similar to this is even present within a modern context. In educational settings and places of work individuals conceal their evil nature with a polite façade.
    • Jekyll represents the actions that were commonly seen as lower class, whereas Hyde represents the upper class. The stark similarity yet complete difference (shown through ''polar twins'' portrays the idea that the lower and upper classes may not have been as different as first seems.


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