West London by Charles Ives

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  • West London by Charles Ives
    • Harmony/ Tonality
      • Starts off with C# moving quickly onto D creating modal feel on D minor
      • Ambiguous middle section
      • Hymn-like ending F major/diatonic
      • Open 5ths before 'hymn'
    • Instrumentation
      • Solo voice (baritone) and piano
    • Rhythm
    • Melody
      • Majority of melody based around 'D' at opening and middle section
    • Structure
      • Starts and ends diatonically with chromatic middle section
      • Hymn-like ending
    • Untitled
    • Word painting
      • 'Rich' - f, middle range, strong quaver accomp. & acciaccatura upbeats to create power
      • 'frozen stare' - chromatically descending quavers with dim. to p
      • 'thought I' - crotchet silence before, dischord, sung slower


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