Wave basics

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  • Wave basics
    • Amplitude is the distance from the rest position to the crest (peak)
    • Wavelength is the length of the full cycle of a wave
      • Distance from crest to crest
    • Frequency is the number of waves per second
      • Measured in Hertz (Hz)
    • TRANSVERSE waves have perpendicular vibrations in the direction of the wave
      • Perpendicular to the DIRECTION OF ENERGY TRANSFER
      • Light and EM waves are transverse
        • +ripples on water
        • +waves on strings
        • Electromagnetic waves don't need a medium
          • Can travel through vauums
      • ~~~
    • LONGITUDINAL waves have vibrations that are parallel to the direction of the wave
      • Parrallel to the DIRECTION FO ENERGY TRANSFER
      • Sound waves and ultrasound waves
        • +shock waves
      • Water waves, shock waves, and waves in springs are mechanical waves
        • They need a medium to travel through
      • Compress and rarefact
    • Wave speed = frequency x wavelength


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