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  • 1963: Washington March
    • What?
      • 200,000 Black and 50,000 White Americans gathered for a political rally
      • Completly peaceful march- no violence or even litter!
      • King staged the high profile event
      • Speeches, songs and prayers
      • Campaigned for a range of issues- not only for Civil Rights
    • Why?
      • Pressure Kennedy to introduce Civil Rights BIll
        • Last two Civil Rights laws had not been very effective
      • Jobs+ Freedom
      • 'I Have a Dream' speech, a call for racial justice and equality
    • How?
      • People put aside rivalry
      • Arrangement made to make sure it was peaceful
    • Effect?
      • Extreme pressure for government to pass the Civil Rights Act- they did in !964
      • Another success for Martin Luther King + non-violence
      • Changed many of the public's opinion


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