Waltz music

A mindmap for Waltz music including : characterisitics, steps, instruments, origins and common composers

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  • Waltz
    • Steps
      • Glide across ballroom
      • Closed position (originally caused outrage at such close embrace)
      • Rise and fall movements
      • Three steps to each bar
    • Instruments
      • Some were written for piano
      • Most were written for orchestras
    • Origins
      • Evoked from folk dances in Austria and Germany in 18th century
      • Popular in Vienna in early 19th century
    • Characteristics
      • Oom-pah-pah in bass line with first note accented
      • 3/4 time signature
      • Lyrical melodies
      • Moderate tempo (70bmp)
      • Legato
    • Composers
      • Johann Stauss
      • Chopin
      • Brahms
      • Tchaikovsky


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