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  • Vittoria
    • Vittoria is arraigned by powerful male interrogators
      • Women's social limitations within a strongly patriarchal society
    • Deined the possibility of starring in her own tragedy
      • Modern audience= more sympathetic response
    • Her behaviour is often ambiguous
    • Vittoria is the catalyst and site of conflict
      • Jacobean society- concern regarding women's increased agency and freedom
    • In some scenes she barely speaks
      • Role within society = offer sexual pleasure
    • She responds to Bracciano with sexual awareness- manipulative?
      • Women's sexual activity was of tantamount importance to the preservation of family name and assets
    • Dependence of her husband and family means that she cannot refuse Braccianos advances
    • Vittoria's arraignment she attempts to assume authority in male-dominated discourse
      • "The White Devil" was written within the first decade of James 1 reign
    • Temptress in a theatre of male desire
      • The plays were written by male playwrights and they were interpreted by male actors
    • Relationship between characters rest upon social hierarchy- power, wealth and rank
    • She attempts to take control of her own destiny by rejecting the husband chosen for her
      • Women's increasing power to inherit and control wealth and property caused anxiety
    • Vittoria- embodiment of evil
      • Christian ideology- identified women as the source of man's' downfall (Eve)
    • She exists within a society where women are currency, thus vittoria is an obvious asset to Flamineo
      • Marriage in this era was primarily a political alliance between families, social tool
    • Vittoria's possibility of advancement  rests solely on her sexual availability
    • Vittoria represents a considerable threat
      • By attempting to fashion her own destiny
    • Brachiano's passion for Vittoria is so strong that he orders the death's of Isabella and Camillo
    • She is the centre of criminal action
    • Lack of consistency in Victoria's character
      • Her ineffective husband is not able to control her- failure of masculine authority
    • Whole play hinges on the characters of Vittoria
    • She is an anti-hero


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