Viral diseases

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  • Viral diseases
    • HIV/Aids
      • Virus spread  -> sexual contact or by exchanging bodily fluids such as blood -> happens when sharing needles-> taking drugs
      • Controlled by antiretroviral drugs-> stops virus replicating in body
      • Attacks immune cells
      • Caused flu like symptoms
      • Passed from mother to child through breast milk
      • Prevent-> condoms, bottlefeeding children
      • Hides inside immune system until badly damaged-> cant cope with other infections-> virus known as last stage of HIV or Aids
    • Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)
      • Prevent spread-> good field of hygiene, good pest control
      • Virus that affects many species of plant-> tomatoes
      • Remains infectious in soil for 50 years
      • Causes mosaic patterns on leaves of plants-> parts of leaves become discolored-> virus destroys cells
      • Discoloration means plant cant carry out photosynthesis-> virus affects growth
        • Photosynthesis important for plant growth-> produces glucose
      • Spread-> contact between diseased plants and healthy plants
    • Viruses
      • Not cells-> tiny-> 1/100 of size of bacterium
      • Cell burst-> releases all new viruses
      • Cell damage-> makes you ill
      • Reproduce rapidly
      • Lie inside cells-> replicate themselves using cells machinery to produce copies of themselves
    • Measles
      • Symptoms-> develop red skin rash and fever
      • Vaccinated when young
      • Serious, fatal if complications-> lead to pneumonia (lung infection), encephalitis (brain infection), can cause blindness
      • Spread-> droplets from infected persons sneeze or cough
      • No treatment -> have to be isolated to stop spread of virus


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