Victorian Religion and Science

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  • Victorian Religion and Science
    • Victorian society
      • Christianity - strong influence
        • evangelism
          • taught all people are natural sinful, and individuals seek forgiveness from God.
          • living to a strict moral and religious code
      • Character - Jekyll: critical of his own sinfulness
        • thinks of sine as "the doom and burden of our life"
        • he creates Hyde in attempt to get rid of his "extraneous evil"
    • Darwin's theory of evolution
      • 1800s - Christians taught that God created every specie to be perfectly adapted to its environment.
        • Genesis - humans made in God's image and different from all other animals
      • some scientists argued that species evolved over time
      • Darwin's theory = 'On the Origin of Species' in 1859
        • book claimed all species evolved from common ancestors through natural selction
          • then wrote a book on how we share a common ancestor with apes
      • Darwin went against the Christian idea that man's nature was different from other animals
        • unsettling idea that there nay be an animalistic side to everyone
  • Stephenson used this idea in the novel
    • hyde is decried as the "animal with" Jekyll
    • Hyde is less shorter than Jekyll - less evolved version of Jekyll


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