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  • Victimology
    • 1 in 4 people are likely to be a victim of crime
    • Gender
      • Women worry more than men about being victims of burglary and violent crime
      • Women are more likely then men to be victims of intimate crimes i.e sexual assault, **** domestic violence
      • 92% of **** victims are women in which only 10% of all ****s are reported
        • 6% of reports lead to convictions
    • Age
      • Older men and women are least likely to be victims of violent crimes
        • Young people are more likely to be both victims and offenders of crime
      • 16-24 year olds are 9x more likely to be victims of crime than those ages 75+
      • 27% of 10-25  year olds are victims of personal crimes such as assault without injury and theft
    • Ethnic
      • Ethnic minorities made up 23% of homicide victims in 2007-10, more than twice the white population
        • this inadequately rises to 4x higher for black people
      • Black and asian people are 14x more likely to be victims of racially motivated incidents that whites
      • Honour crimes and forced marriages are linked to ethnic minors and women are more the victims
    • Class
      • Those with least power, most deprived and less valuable possessions are those most likely to be victims
      • those who steal from the poor are mainly other poor people
      • Highest victimisation rates are found among unemployed, low income families
        • and in areas of social disorder with widespread graffiti, rubbish and litter


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