Preston-urban and rural settlements.

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  • Urban and rural Characteristics - preston
    • Lea-Rural urban fringe
      • large semi-detached houses with drive ways and gardens
      • modern estates
      • bus services for commuters
      • supermarket
      • golf course
    • Longton-Rural area
      • houses estates from 1960s
      • largest detached and semi detached houses
      • large gardens and garages
      • supermarket and services
      • greater proportion od elderly people
    • Ashton-Subrban area
      • terraced houses
      • larger semi-detached houses
      • over 40 shops
      • frequent services
    • Fishwick-inner city
      • High Density
      • 19th centuary terrced houses
      • no parades of shops
      • wide range of ethnicity due to hope of jobs
    • social wellfare
      • 75% good health in lea-64% good in Fishwick.lack of heating-cold and damp
      • 161 crimes per 1000 in fishwick-52 crimes per 1000 in lea.High unemployment


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