Unused sensitive material

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  • Unused sensitive material
    • Material which the disclosure officer believes would give rise to a serious risk
    • Examples
      • material relating to national security
      • material received from intelligence and security agency
      • material about intelligence received from foreign sources which reveal sensitive techniques
      • material given in confidence
      • material relating to the identity or activity involving informants
      •  Material revealing the location of premises used for surveillance by the police or the identity of the persons allowing such use
      •  Material revealing techniques and methods used by the police
      •  Material that may facilitate the commission of other crimes and hinder the prevention or detection of crime
      • Material used to obtain search warrants
      • Material containing details of volunteers taking part in ID parades
      •  Material generated by an official body involved in the regulation of financial activities
      •  Material generated by a local authority in relation to a young person
      • Material relating to the private life of a witness 


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