Dyslexia strategies

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  • Strategies for supporting Dyslexia
    • Begin every lesson by outlining its content and end with summary
    • Link prior knowledge with new information
    • Break learning into small steps
    • Speak slowly and distintly
    • Intersperse "listening" times with "seeing and doing" times
    • Make teaching multi-sensory
    • Allow extra time for written work
    • When marking, put more emphasis on content
    • Be constructive and positive
    • Enccourage pupils to: take responsibility for own work;  Word process;  read more; use highlighters; use personal word book for key subject vocabulary
    • AVOID: Dictating notes; Asking pupils to read aloud to class
    • Make photocopies of overheads and notes available to students
    • Be sensititve to the fact that students may be embarrassed by their limited literact work, poor memory and lack of organisation


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