F291 business Unit 3

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  • Unit 3... HR Management.
    • Internal recruitment.
      • Redeploying or promoting existing employees.
      • ADV
        • Cheaper + quicker.
        • Promotional opportunities may motivate employees.
        • Avoids the need of induction training.
        • Firms already aware of the employees skills and attitudes to work.
      • DISADV
        • May not have the skills required.
        • Stagnation of ideas.
        • Creates another vacancy.
    • External recruitment.
      • Media advertising - newspapers, TV , specialist magazines.
      • Job centres
      • Commercial recruitment agencies.
      • Executive search consultants.
    • Selecting the best candidate.
      • Interviews.
      • Testing and profiling (APTITUDE TESTS)
      • Assessment centres.
      • OFF THE JOB TRAINING - more experienced instructors.
        • Cost of training - can lead to a more motivated workforce, expensive and newly trained workers may be persuaded to leave and take up new jobs elsewhere (poaching)
    • Labour market failure.
      • Danger of poaching generates a disincentive for firms to invest in training for new employees for fear that short term costs and disruption may not recouped if newly trained employees are enticed to work somewehere else.
    • People in management.
      • How should the workforce be structured and what job roles should be adopted?
      • How can workfore performance be measured and improved?
      • How should a business choose between the training and development of existing staff and the recruitment of existing employees?
      • What techniques can be used to improve motivation and how might these change over time and between different groups of workers?
    • Severance - or ending employment with the business - most difficult for HR.
    • Factors to consider in recruitment.
      • Skills.
      • How long will they be working there? permenant? temporary?
      • Untitled
      • How many hours a week? part-time? full-time?
    • Legal Responsibilities.
      • Safe and secure enviroment.
      • Treat workers fairly.
        • Avoid discrimination.
      • Minimum levels of rest breaks.
      • Failure to meet these will lead to an employment tribunal.
      • Paid holidays and SSP.


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