Unit 1: People in Business (1)

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  • Unit 1 - People in Business
    • Full Time Workers
      • Fewer staff in total as they work more hours per week.
      • Lower recruitment and training costs.
      • Easier to manage and control fewer staff
    • Part Time Workers
      • Saves on wages.
      • More flexible than one worker.
      • Asked to work at busy periods
    • Recruitment - Job Analysis
      • Job Description - What the ob involves. Purpose and duties, full or part time.
      • Person Specification- Lists the qualifications, experience the ideal candidate would have.
      • Personal Recommendations - Saves money on advertising.
      • Advertise jobs: Job Centre, Local Newspaper, Staff notice, word of mouth, business windows.
      • Job Advert needs to include: Job Title, Pay, What the job involves, hours, how to apply, where.
      • Internal Recruitment
        • Owner will know the workers strengths/weakness
        • Little additional training.
        • Cheaper than external recruitment
      • External Recruitment
        • New ideas and skills brought in.
        • Standard could be higher.
        • Does not create another vacancy in the business which would have to be filled.
    • Recruitment - Selection Process.
      • CV - A summary of the person details, skills, qualifications and interests.
      • Application Form - Gives the firm info it wants and nothing else.
      • References - Statement about the character of the candidate.
      • Interviews - with managers ask the same question to make it fair.
        • They assess confidence, social and verbal skills.
      • Tests: Skills, Personality and Group


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