Unit 1 ict digital devices

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  • Digital devices
    • Mobile devices- This is a term that is given to any digital device that can be carried around easily
    • Servers-these provide services for other digital devices on the network
      • the server can be connected to digital devices by a seris of cable or a virtual connection via the internet
      • servers can be used to store data files centrally as well as software centrally
    • entertainment systems are multifunctional devices being made up of sound and vision, they manage sound and music and video files which contain large amounts of data . it can be operated from a central server
      • Example of entertainment systems are mp3 and mp4 players, home video theatres, in car entertainment system, Apple tv, Now tv
    • DAB- these are digital audio broadcasting which converts audio broadcast to digital signal to reduce atmospheric and other interference
    • Digital cameras can either be a still image this is an image that does not and a video this is moving images which are made up of frames to make a film a video can include sound as well
    • SLR cameras are a single lens reflex which captures the scope of the image you can actually see
    • navigation systems- are those which use GPS working alongside Global Navigation Satellite System to navigate locations
      • this provides information about traffic congestion , road works, accidents, weather, points of interest
    • GPS- this means a global positioning system this is an accurate worldwide navigation and surveying facility it uses signals from orbiting satellites to work out the position of the device


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