types of long term memory

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  • types of long term memory
    • episodic memory
      • stores events from our lives
        • this store has been likened to a diary of daily happenings.
        • for example, your most recent visit to the dentist.
      • episodic memories are complex
        • they are time-stamped
          • you remember when they happened
        • they involve several elements
          • people, places, objects and behaviours are woven into one memory
        • you have to make a conscious effort to recall them
    • semantic memory
      • stores our knowledge of the world
        • this is like a combination of an encyclopaedia and a dictionary
          • for example, it includes knowledge of such things as applying to univesity
      • semantic memories are not time stamped
        • for example, we do not usually remember when we first learned about 'Justin Bieber'
        • semantic knowledge is less personal and more about the knowledge that we all share.
    • procedural memory
      • stores memories for actions and skills
        • these are memories of how we do things
        • for example, driving a car or playing table tennis.
      • recall occurs without awareness or effort
        • these are the sorts of skills we might even find quite hard to explain to someone else because we recall these memories without conscious awareness.
        • for example, explaining how to ride a bike or trying to tell someone how you change gear when driving because you do it without having to recall how to do so.


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