Types of group politics

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  • Types of group politics
    • Lobbyists
      • Often described as public relations companies or public affairs agencies
      • Promote interests of whoever employs them
      • Operate around Westminster, local government, central government departments and in EU institutions
      • Often employ former politicians to access certain people and offer contracts
    • Think tanks
      • An organisation whose role is to carry out research into various aspects of public policy
      • Financed by government or private sources or both
      • Used by decision makers to inform their policy deliberation
      • May be neutral or have a political view to promote
    • Trade unions
      • Organisation made up of members whose membership must be made up mainly of workers
      • Main aim to protect and advance the interests of its members in the workplace
      • Most are independent of any employer
    • Corporations
      • Big businesses seek meetings with leading politicians
      • Make donations to political parties to influence politics
    • Pressure groups
      • Association with the aim of influencing policy-making at local, regional, national or European level without actually seeking power
      • Organisations such as companies, academic bodies and media organisations aren't technically pressure groups but they operate them so they can be evaluated in the same way


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