Types of Disease

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  • Types of Disease
    • Viral Diseases
      • Measles
        • Spread by droplets from an infected person's sneeze or cough
        • Red skin rash and signs of fever
        • Can be serious or fatal if there are complications - lead to pneumonia or a brain infection called encephalitis
          • Most are vaccinated against it at birth
      • HIV
        • Spread by sexual contact or by the exchange of bodily fluid - blood - when people share needles or drugs
        • Initially causes flu-like symptoms - usually other symptoms aren't experienced for many years
          • HIV can be controlled with antiretroviral drugs - stop virus replicating
        • Virus attacks immune cells - if system is badly damaged it can't cope with other infections or cancers - at this stage the virus is known as late stage HIV infection or AIDS
      • Tobacco Mosaic Virus
        • TMV - virus that affects many species of plants - tomatoes - causes mosaic pattern on leaves - parts of plants become discoloured
        • Discolouration means plants can't photo-synthesise as well - virus impacts growth
    • Fungal Disease
      • Rose Black Spot Fungus - purple or black spots develop on leaves of rose plants - leaves turn yellow and drop off
        • Spreads through environment in water or by wind
        • Gardeners can treat using fungicides and by ********* the plant of its affected leaves - leaves need to be destroyed so that the fungus can't spread elsewhere
        • Less photo-synthesis can happen so the plant doesn't grow very well
    • Protists
      • Malaria - part of the malarial protist's life cycle takes part in a mosquito
        • Mosquitoes are a vector - pick up disease when feeding on an infected animal
          • Every time the mosquito feeds on an animal it infects it by inserting the protest into the blood vessels
          • Episodes of fever - can be fatal - can be protected by insecticides and mosquito nets
    • Bacterial Diseases
      • Salmonella
        • Type of bacteria that causes food poisoning
          • Infected people can suffer from fever, stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea
            • Caused by the toxins that the bacteria produce
          • Can get salmonella food poisoning by eating food that's contaminated with the bacteria
      • Gonorrhoea
        • An STD - passed on by sexual contact and caused by bacteria
        • The infected person will get pain when they urinate - thick yellow or green discharge from the genetals
        • Originally treated with penicillin - harder to do now because certain strains of bacteria are resistant
        • People can be treated with antibiotics and should use contraception barrier methods


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