Twicknam Garden

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  • Twicknam Garden
    • Structure
      • ABABBCCDD repetition in each stanza- only regularity
      • uneven meter- shows disjointed inner thoughts and reflects paradoxical imagery- unnerving to read
      • Couplets seem playful (Go Catch...) inappropriate regarding subject matter?
    • Imagery
      • 'take my tears which are loves wine'' ;surrounded with tears' (Renaissance convention of distraught lover) 'stone fountain' flattery or mocking?
      • religious 'transubstantiates all' 'manna to gall' reversal of action of mass- subversion of poetic convention that love is a religion. 'theologically outrageous' blasphemous? All good changed to bitterness
        • Garden of Eden; 'true paradise' 'serpent brought' corruption. Sh'es Eve but doesn't fall 'her truth kills me' HE is tempted
      • Poison; 'spider love' everything spiders consume turns to poison- love is poisonous.
      • Death; 'truth kills me' 'at mine eyes... receive such balms' alludes to extreme unction- annointing eyes before death. Hypoerbolic
      • Seasons; 'seek the spring' find new beginning/ resurrection? 'winter did benight the glory' winter past tense, spring+ futue. he is inbetween... lost.
      • Nature/ pathetic fallacy- 'grave frost' - emphatic adjective
      • Mocks petrarchan imagery of contemporaries ; 'that taste not just like mine' - tasting their lovers' tears ridiculous
    • Techniques
      • Hyperbole; 'o self traitor' 'o perverse sex' 'truth kills me' Also explosive opening 'blasted with sighs' Petrarchan convention- to flatter patroness?
      • personification of trees; 'did forbid these trees to laugh.' he is also 'senseless' all thing alive made dead
      • Onomatopoeic verbs 'groan' 'weep'
      • Alliteration; 'leave loving, love, let'. Fragmented syntax = unpleasant to say so reflects unnerving content)
      • Paradox; 'endure, nor yet leave loving' Pain of love yet wats to continue loving. Another paradox 'o perverse sex... her truth kills me' Impossibility of being with her exaggerated.
    • AO4
      • Lucy Countess of Bedford patroness? Twicknam Park was symmetrical reflecting geocentric view of universe ( his love for her like sun rising)
      • Petrarchan imagery of loves wine (see Imagery)
      • 'true paradise' DISCOVERY of beautiful lands
      • neoplatonism; 'Alas hearts do not in eyes shine' impossible to have her soul


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