Edward VI

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  • Edward VI
    • Balancing the Books
      • inherited money problems from his dad
        • Henrys war with Scotland and france had been very expensive
        • Value of English money gone down
          • caused inflation
        • Tried to solve problems
          • Sheep Tax
          • Rise in Food prices
            • Then pushed down pice of food after rebellion
          • 1552 law passed to raise money for poor
    • Keeping the peace
      • Many Rebellions due to tax increase
        • Kett's Rebellion
    • Securing the dynasty
      • in 1553 developed bad cough
        • Became clear that he was dying
          • Mary was next in line
            • She was catholic so Edward claimed her to be illegitimate
              • Lady Jane Grey next in line
                • Led to civil war
          • he died in 6th July 1553
    • Defending Country Internationally
      • Henry VII left england at war with Scotland and France
        • They both Plotted against England
        • When Northumbuland took over he ended war with France
          • Also ordered English soldiers back from war in scotland
    • Champion of the Catholic church
      • intent on making england a Protestant country
        • English/Protestant prayer books issued
        • ordered destruction of images, wall paintings and stained glass windows in churches
        • All catholic belifs and services rejected and abolished
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