Tropical Rainforests

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  • Tropical Rainforests
    • Local Community Management
      • Malaysia
        • Government rejected plans to build  power plant in Silam
        • Country has vast reserves of coal and goal but government refused to exploit these to conserve the environment
        • Instead resorts to ecotourism emphasising natural attractions such as the biodiverse rainforest
      • Costa Rica
        • Allowing sustainable development through ecotourism
          • Zip wires and jungle trails
        • Government allowed American company Merck to look for plants for medicine and perfume
          • Costa Ricans  get to share some of the profit
      • Madagascar
        • In 2001, Swiss company sent a team to Madagascar  where 40 new aromas were developed then sold.  Company shared profits with local communities
    • Local Communty Extraction
      • Brazil
        • Carajas iron ore mining project uses forest wood to power it's plants resulting in 6100km squared annual deforestation
        • Mercury is used for gold mining. 90% of fish caught in the river Tapajo is contaminated with mercury which if eaten could result in cancer and miscarriages
        • There have been conflicts between gold prospectors and indigenous people in the state of Roraima
      • Indonesia
        • 285000 tonnes of untreated mining waste dumped in River Aghawaghon every day
          • Pollutes coastal area by Etna Gulf
          • Poisons fish
          • Local communities now have a water shortage
        • Crocodiles and tortoises in the area are on brink of extinction due to pollution
        • Locals exploited by being given the lowest paid jobs
      • Ecuador
        • Toxic waste water with crude oil disposed of in 600 unlined pits seeps through into freshwater and farmland
        • Stomach cancer is 5 times more likely in areas of oil exploitation
        • Plants like the periwinkle (used to cure child leukemia) are becoming endangered


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