Transformers in action

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  • Transformers in action
    • Energy supplied by National Grid
    • Higher the grid pd, greater the efficiency of transferring electrical power through the grid
    • If grid pd were lower more current would be needed to deliver the same amount of power
      • Grid cables heat up and waste more energy
    • Vp/Vs=np/ns
      • Step up - ns greater than np therefore vs greater than vp
      • Step down - ns less than np therefore vs less than vp
    • Transformer efficiency
      • VpIp = VsIs
    • Switch mode transformers
      • Operate at higher frequencies
        • Can be made lighter, smaller than traditional transformers that work from 50Hz main supply
          • Ferrite core not iron
      • 50000Hz to 200000Hz
      • Mobile, laptop chargers
      • More efficient - use little power when switched on but no load is applied


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