Training Methods

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  • Training Methods
  • 1. Periodization
    • Breaks down training program into distinct periods of time
    • Purpose: maximize performance at peak time, and decrease injury and mental burnout
    • 3 periods: off-season, in-season, pre-season
  • 2. Concurrent Training
    • Train multiple energy systems by performing different types of training at the same time
    • AKA cross-training
    • Good for someone trying to lose weight, tone up, keep up their fitness level
  • 3. Interval Training
    • Alternating periods of intense exercise with periods of recovery w/i the same workout
    • Get used to lactic acid
    • Good for endurance sports
    • Example: a runner trying to improve 10km time does 6-8 reps of 1000m
  • 4. Fartlek Training
    • Swedish = speed-play
    • Same as interval training but more flexible
    • Set intense/rest periods based on how you feel
  • 5. Resistance Training
    • Most common form is weightlifting
    • Uses principles of overload, resistance training can lead to:
      • Muscle mass and strength gain
      • Improved flexibility and range of motion
      • Prevent injury
  • 6. Plyometric Training
    • Stretch-shortening exercises
    • Resistance training where you use the weight of your own body as reistance
    • Pre-stretch phase builds up muscular energy before an explosive movement releases it


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