Touching the Void-FARP

A spider diagram showing the form audience register and purpose of touching the void- section B of IGCSE anthology

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  • Touching the Void
    • Form
      • 1st Person
      • Non-Fiction
      • Adventure
      • Travel
    • Audience
      • True-Life Drama
      • Male or Female
      • Written to Sell copies
    • Register
      • Joe
        • melodramatic
        • emotive language
        • shows pain to stimulate reaction
      • Simon
        • Factual, list of events, direct
        • Not emotional
        • reporting, dispassionate
    • Purpose
      • Joe
        • To be seen as a victim
        • Show how he is effected- personal
      • Simon
        • reporting how he saw it
        • Impersonal



this is absolutely great. amazing help for my igcse's this year :) 

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