5.2 Evolution and Biodiversity

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  • Topic 5.2 Natural Selection
    • What causes Variation between Individuals in a species?
      • Mutation: New alleles are produced by changes to sequence  of bases
      • Meiosis: New combinationsalleles by breaking up the existing ones in cells- -crossing over
      • Sexual ReproductionNew Combinationsof genes in the diploid zygote
    • Natural Selection can only occur if there is variation among members of the same species
    • Essential Idea
      • Diversity of life has evolved& continues to evolve by natural selection
    • Adaptions
      • Develop by natural selection, not with purpose of making individual suited to its environment
    • Species tend to produce more offspring than the environment can support
      • Will be competition for resources
    • Who survives and reproduce?
      • Individuals that are better adapted


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