Tony Harrison

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  • Tony Harrison (1937-)
    • Britain's leading poet-playwright
    • His work includes film, theater and “journalistic” poems written for the Guardian newspaper during conflicts in the Persian Gulf and Bosnia
    • Well-regarded translator and his translations and adaptions have been very successful.
    • Poetic themes include class, race, and power.
    • Noted for out-spoken politics
    • Grew up in post-war 'austerity Britain' in working-class Leeds
      • Scholarship to Leeds Grammar School, then Classics at Leeds University
      • Armitage was "impressed with the way [Harrison] deals with his upbringing and background in his poems, and more specifically, his accent."
    • First full-length book of poetry, The Loiners (1970) explores his teaching experiences in Nigeria, working in Prague, tales of love in Eastern Europe and Leeds


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