Tonbridge case study

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  • Tonbridge
    • Location and Features
      • Has historic features such as the castle and has Jane Austin links.
        • 97.5% of those living there speak England
      • Next to Tunbridge Wells, South-East from London
      • Located in Kent
      • Has the railway which is connected to most of England
      • average age is 40, median age is 41.
      • not diverse, 91% of those living in Tonbridge were born in England
    • Media Representation
      • 'Postcard pretty castle'
      • Many articles on the renovation of Tonbridge eg: the railway improvements and widening the pavements.
      • Shown jobs to be lost when Tonbridge is moving towards being more of a clone town
      • stabbing in the high street gives a negative representation
    • Lived experience
      • Park runs show an experience for mostly adults, although a few teens are seen in photographs
      • Girl guide parades show a special lived experience for teenagers and adults to supervise and get involved.
      • The Tonbridge pool shows an equal split of adults and children. shows a valuable pass-time and leisure activity
      • The castle hosts an outside film night for adults.
      • The lived experience might've been similar
      • the built environment affects on the lived experience
    • Built environment
      • most people said the castle end of the high street was more attractive than the other
      • many positive words about Tonbridge was 'historic' and 'interesting'. this shows the large effect the caste has on people's opinions of Tonbridge
      • also found out that the architecture had little effect on people's opinions of Tonbridge as most people replied 'Don't know' when asked about architecture
      • most also felt neutral towards the built environment of the High Street, showing it doesn't impact that much on opinions
      • regeneration of Tonbridge: 2.62million. widening pavements, new road surface, improved pedestrian crossings
    • Endogenous factors
      • river is a natural feature of Tonbridge, gives a relaxing feel and makes Tonbridge unique compared to other clone towns
      • the castle is a historical feature which again makes it unique form other towns
      • demographics: not diverse, mostly middle aged
      • tonbridge is seen as en economically strong place due to the thriving High Street
    • Exogenous factors
      • train station provides a link to both London, South, West and East of Tonbridge due to the cross railway.
      • investment for the river centre cost 4million. used as a community centre
      • most of the shops are similar to the ones in a clone town eg: McDonalds
    • Place to live
      • really good levels of education
      • large amount of Tonbridge is housing
      • higher property ownership than the rest of England
    • Place to work
      • the extensive high street has many retail opportunities-especially for part time jobs- good for parents with children and teenagers
      • the many schools need teachers and staff


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