Tissue: Quote Analysis

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  • Tissue: Quote Analysis
    • Themes and Context
      • Written from the p.o.v of someone today looking out at the conflict of the world; destruction, war and politics, money and wealth as well as issues like terrorism and identity.
      • The poem remarks how nothing is meant to last and how we should be willing to let it go.
    • "sepia date, pages smoothed and stroked and turned transparent with attention"
      • Noun: "sepia" suggests that the Koran has been passed down for hundreds of years.
      • Tactile verbs: "smoothed ... stroked ... turned" suggests that it is more of a heirloom than an artefact.
        • The verbs are all in the past tense which emphasises the aged nature of the Koran and also the idea of it being a family heirloom.
        • Sibilance: "sepia ... smoothed ... stroked" which creates a soft "s" sound which creates the idea of calm and carefulness when handling such an old heirloom.
          • Noun: "sepia" suggests that the Koran has been passed down for hundreds of years.
      • "transparent with attention" emphasises how it has been used frequently in the past and looks aged as a result.
    • "the shapes that pride can make, find a way to trace a grand design"
      • "pride" is personified which suggests that pride represents society as a whole.
        • This creates the idea with conjunction of the "grand design" that society can be responsible for great things.
      • "grand design" is a biblical reference and is suggestive of a bigger picture and a sense of spiritual fulfilment.
        • Suggests that we could be building things which improve our life and not hold us back.
    • "with living tissue, raise a structure never meant to last"
      • "living tissue" is a metaphor for society, which could suggest that we are ever-changing or that we are fragile.
      • "structure never meant to last" and especially the adverb: "never" creates an idea of being ominous..
        • Could also be an illusion for events such as 9/11, which were acts of terrorism that destroyed man-made structures.


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