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  • Tissue
    • Verbs "who died where and how, on which sepia date, pages smoothed and stroked and turned"
      • We value paper and become dependant on it- devaluing our lives
      • Human life is like paper it isn't valued. We're more interested in material things
      • There is too much emphasis on capital gain, not emotion/ individuals
      • Paper can be misused- it gives the government power over people/ intimidate
      • Paper is wasted by us/ our lives are 'wasted' by conflict
      • Paper is essential for sustaining our lives/ health
      • Paper will eventually run out- just like pages in a book
      • Paper/ recording is aligned with superiority the average person ages without recognition
      • We cannot live off paper alone
    • Listing "The sun shines through their borderlines, the marks that rivers make, roads, rail tracks, mountain folds
      • We are overly concerned with mapping things- creates divisions in our society
      • Conflict between the man-made world and natural world
      • Our constructions/ innovations mark/ destroy the world
      • We put natural features alongside our 'man-made' features as if they have the same value
      • In becoming part of the 'list' we fail to recognise the true beauty of the landscape as if our innovations are more impressive
    • Metaphor "If buildings were paper, I might feel their drift, see how easily they fall away on a sigh, a shift
      • People don't appreciate how much money has been spent on buildings, indicates our lack of value
      • Buildings/ people fall apart easily in our society
      • Buildings are emotionally cold/ empty without humans- can reflect human effort/ lack of in the construction
      • All buildings/ people eventually decay
      • Too many buildings are unused/ useless
      • Buildings would be more valued if they were easily disposed of like paper
      • Buildings/ people are living a rootless existence loss of direction in society
      • Buildings aren't fit for use/ some people aren't considered useful- they don't fit into society and its perception of values
    • Personification "Let the daylight break through capitals and monoliths, through the shapes that pride can make, find a way to trace a grand design"
      • Daylight represents hope/ sunlight breaking through and challenging the ugly constructs that block the light/ hope
      • The building represent our false pride/ power
      • We should be working together to create things more worthwhile in our society- unlike the 'paper' objects we make now


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