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  • Tissue
    • Form
      • Free verse
      • Emjambment
    • Structure
      • Paper records history
      • Human structures are temporary
      • Human life still temporary but more precious
    • Context
      • Born in Pakistan with a hybrid identity
      • Writes about culture identity, exile, travel, freedom and conflict
    • Quotes
      • "paper smoothed and stroked/and thinned to be transparent,/turned into your skin"
      • "Fine slips from grocery shops...might fly our lives like paper kites."
      • "never wish to build again with brick/or block"
      • "trace a grand design/with living tissue"
      • "this/is what could alter things"
      • "The sun shines through/their borderlines, the marks/that rivers make, roads,/railtracks, mountainfolds"
      • "I might/feel their drift,see how easily/they fall away on a sigh, a shift/in the direction of the wind"
      • "who was born to whom,/the height and weight, who/died where and how"
      • "pages smoothed and stroked and turned/transparent with attention"


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