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  • Thermoregulation
    • Too Hot
      • sweat released from sweat glands under the skin
        • released from sweat glands under the skin
        • covers outer later of skin
        • heat energy transferred to the water and evaporates when it has enough energy
          • takes heat energy when it evaporates
          • lowers temperature
      • hairs lie flat
        • hair erector muscle relaxes
      • blood vessels dilate
        • allow more blood to enter capillaries that pass close to skin surface
        • vasodilation
    • Too Cold
      • shivering
        • muscles start to contract automatically
        • needs energy
          • generated through respiration
            • produces heat to increase body temperature
      • hairs stand on end
        • hair erector muscle
        • trap an insulating layer of air around the body
      • blood vessels constrict
        • reduce blood flow in capillaries near to skin surface
        • vasoconstriction


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