Themes in Of Mice and Men

A detailed mind map covering 5 key themes in Of Mice and Men- loneliness, dreams, realtionships, human fragility and prejudice- backed up with quotes.

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  • Themes in Of Mice and Men
    • Human Fragility
      • Humans are small and fragile compared to forces that control our lives
        • The best laid schemes o' mice and men / Gang aft agley (often go wrong)
          • To A Mouse by Robert Burns
      • Curley's wifes' death
        • The discontent and ache for attention had gone out of her face.
      • Lennie's death
    • Dreams
      • American Dream
        • George and Lennie
          • Owning a small farm which they can live off
            • an' live off the fatta the lan'
              • Lennie
        • To go to America, and find work and their own land
          • I seen too many guys with land in their head
            • Crooks
      • George and Lennie
        • Owning a small farm which they can live off
          • an' live off the fatta the lan'
            • Lennie
      • Curley's wife
        • Dreams of becoming an actress
          • He says he was gonna put me in the movies
            • Curley's wife
      • Curley
        • Wants to be a boxer
          • He's handy
            • Candy
      • None of the dreams ever come true
    • Loneliness
      • Embitters Candy and Crooks
      • Kills Curley's wife
        • her words tumbled out in a passion of communication
      • A part of human condition, something we either fight or succumb to all our lives
      • Guys like us, that work in ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world.
    • Relationships
      • George and Lennie
        • because I got you to look after me and you got me to look after you.
      • None last for long
      • Candy and his dog
        • I 'ad him since he was a pup
      • Curley and his wife
      • The happiest people (Slim and Carlson) don't have relationships.
    • Prejudice
      • Racial
        • Crooks
          • Denied companionship because he's black
            • I ain't wanted in the bunkhouse
              • Crooks
          • Curley's wife threatens to have him hung
            • I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain't even funny
              • Curley's wife
          • ya see the stable buck's a ******
            • Candy
      • Women
        • Curley's wife is not respected and hasn't many rights
      • Disabled
        • Candy
          • Ultimately expendable
            • Lennie
        • Lennie


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