The Weimar Republic

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  • The Weimar Republic
    • A New Government
      • Kaieser Whilhelm II has ruled Germany as a monarch
      • In 1919 a new government took power
        • Led by Friedrich Ebert
      • It changed Germany into a republic
      • It was set up in Weimar
      • Ebert became the first president
        • Ebert was leader of the Social Democratic Party
      • Believed the people should say how the country was run
      • The new Government wasn't invited to the peace conference in 1919
        • Had no say in the Versailles Treaty
        • At first Ebert refused to sign the treaty but he had no choice
    • The Weimar Constitution
      • There were lots of political parties in the Reichstag
        • This lmade it harder to get laws passed
      • Reichstag - The new German Parliment
    • The Problems
      • There were lots of parties so decisions were difficult to make
      • it was hard to pick a Chancellor who had the support of the majority
      • The new government had to accept the Versailles Treaty so they were hated
      • Some Germans joined groups such as the Freikorps
        • these groups were not under government control
        • Erbert used them to suppress communist uprisings
        • They saw communists as a threat to peace
    • It was set up in a time of defeat which made it unpopular from the start
    • German people didn't accept the terms of the Treaty of Versailles


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