The Warsaw Pact

A mind map showing the different countries involved in the Warsaw Pact and how they ended up under the effective control of the USSR

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  • The Warsaw Pact
    • The Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance
      • Pledge to defend one another against an aggressor
        • Specifically aimed against NATO
      • Consisted of Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia and the USSR
      • Increased the tensions in the cold war stand off
    • Poland
      • Lublin government was Stalin's means of controlling Poland
      • Communists weakened Polish national groups such as the countries Peasant Party by strengthening links with Polish socialists
      • Was the first testing ground for Stalin's methodology
    • Romania
      • Romanian King forced to appoint communist government with Soviet army in the country following WWII
      • Popular alternative to pre-warm regime
      • Little opposition for Stalin to deal with
    • Bulgaria
      • Leader of popular Agrarian party executed
        • Party was absorbed into communist movement
      • All other political parties were banned by April 1947
    • Czeohoslovakia
      • Czech communists popular with the people
        • Leader- Gottwald- became Prime Minister
    • Hungary
      • Small holders party biggest opposition to communism
      • Communists allied with other national communist movements
        • Close links were made with the non-Soviet communists in Yugoslavia
      • Hungarian communist leader Rajk was executed for 'anti-socialist' behaviour
      • Non political opposition to regime by 1949
  • All non-communist members of the government resigned in February 1948
    • Czeohoslovakia
      • Czech communists popular with the people
        • Leader- Gottwald- became Prime Minister




This is a useful summary of the varying routes to Sovietization in Eastern European countries after 1945, with colour coding to make things clearer.



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