The Rise of Hitler

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  • The Rise of Hitler
    • The Munich Putsch
      • By 1923 was the leader of the Nazi party
        • He thought that it was time for his party to seize control of Germany.
      • With a group of ex-soldiers, including a war time air ace Hermann Goring, and Field Marshall Ludendorff, the Nazis plotted to seize control of Munich, the capital of Bavaria, and then stage a march on Berlin.
      • It was a disaster. The plotters had not planned things carefully enough and Hitler lost his nerve.
      • Hitler received a five year prison sentence for the Munich Putsch, but prison was very comfortable and he was let out after serving less than a year.  He spent the time writing a book about his ideas - Mein Kampf.
    • Supporters
      • People supported Hitler because he promised them what they wanted and needed to hear.
      • The Weimar Republic appeared to have no solutions to the depression, whereas Hitler did.
        • To all Germans , Hitler promised to return Germany to it's former glory by tearing up the treaty of Versaille and making Germany great again
      • Hitler promised to deal with the problems of almost everyone in the country - he blamed the Jews and other sections of society.
      • Hitler united everyone by giving them reasons for their problems
      • By the time voting came about, Hitler and the Nazis had the support of  almost all of the county, and was voted into power


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