The Potsdam Conference

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  • The Potsdam Conference
    • Who, when
      • July-August 1945
      • The Big Three: Truman, Stalin and Churchill (who was replaced by Clement Atlee half way through the conference)
    • Changes that had occurred since Yalta
      • Stalin's armies where now occupying  most of Europe and had begun to set up forced Communist governments
      • Roosevelt had died on 12th April 1945 and had been replaced by Harry Truman, who was extremely anti-communist
      • America had successfully tested an atomic bomb, straining their relationship with the USSR
    • Agreements
      • None.
    • Disagreements
      • Stalin wanted to cripple Germany in the hopes of eliminating any future threats,  but Truman believed that would be repeating the mistakes of the Treaty of Versailles
      • As compensation for the 20 million Russians who had died in WW2, Stalin wanted reparations,  but Truman thought this would lead to another take over like Hitler's
    • Attitudes during Potsdam
      • Truman was very tough towards Stalin as he was unhappy about the Communist states that had been set up all over Europe.
      • Most of the arguing was dominated by Truman and Stalin
      • As a new prime minister, Atlee wasn't very influential in this conference.


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