The path to war key events from 1899-1914

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  • The path to war key events from 1899-1914
    • Boer War  1899-1902
    • Daily Telegraph' article 1908
      • In a newspaper article the kaiser called the British mad and the all Germans hated them this caused create offence in Britain increasing anger levels
    • First Moroccan crisis 1905-1906
      • The kaiser promised Morocco that Germany would protect them against France this made the French very angry
    • Balkan Wars 1912-1913
      • Serbia and other Balkan countries conquered most of the Turkish land, Serbia became powerful and Austria was its next target.
    • Bosnia 1908
      • When Austria annexed Bosnia it annoyed Serbia, as they wanted Bosnia. Russia wanted to help Serbia but was forced to back down.
    • Agadir 1911
      • There was a revolution in Morocco so France sent its army to stop it, Germany the sent the gun boat 'Pantha' but was forced to take it back.
    • Dreadnought crisis 1909
      • Britain got scared of Germany growing its navy. British people then demaned we built 8 Dreadnoughts
    • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand 1914
      • The heir to the Austrian throne was shot by a Serb terrorist in bosnia
  • Germany opposed Britain's attempt to defeat the Boers in South Africa.
    • Boer War  1899-1902


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