Nixon-Brezhnev Summits

Mindmap of the Nixon/Ford-Brezhnev Summits and any agreements agreed at each of them.

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  • The Nixon- Brezhnev Summits and Agreements
    • Moscow, May 1972
      • Finalised the SALT Agreement
      • Expanded co-operation in science, technology, environment and health
      • Set out the 'Basic Principles Agreement'
        • 12 principles setting out how the two nations would deal with one another
          • One of the key problems of the principles was that they weren't legally biinding
        • As long as the nuclear age continues the two must exist in a state of peaceful coexistance
        • Be prepared to solve dispute by peaceful means so as to avoid military confrontation and each side should reject the idea of gaining at the others expense
        • Promote conditions in which all countries could live in peace
        • Seen as fundamental to détente by the USSR
    • Washington, June 1973
      • Agreements on agriculture, cultural exchanges and transport
      • Brezhnev wanted to stop the USA forming a military alliance with China
      • Agreement on the Prevention of Nuclear War
        • Designed to remove the danger of nuclear war
        • Agreed commitment to avoid military confrontation
        • Both nations had reservations about the agreement
        • Soviets saw the agreement as a restriction on US global power
        • Americans saw the agreement as a way of keeping the Soviets committed to détente.
    • June-July 1974
      • Opportunity to develop SALT II agreement
      • Both sides agreed to reduce the number of anti-ballistic missile sites
      • Couldn't agree on the level of MIRV's
      • 10 year agreement on economic, industrial and technical cooperation
      • Consular links set up.
    • Vladivostok Accord, November 1974
      • Ford replaced Nixon after the Watergate Scandal
      • Partial agreements made on the number of strategic missile launchers and MIRVs
      • 10 year plan towards SALT II was agreed
      • Soviets agreed to equal amounts of ICBM launchers and SLBM launchers


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