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  • The nervous system
    • motor neurone
      • the nerve cells that carry signals to the effector muscles or glands
    • Sense and receptors
      • the eye > sense organ
        • light receptors are different
      • The ear > sense organ
        • Contains > sound receptors
      • There are 5 different senses
        • eyes
        • Tongue
        • skin
        • ears
        • nose
    • sensory neurone
      • The nerve cells that carry signals as electrical impulses from the receptors in the sense organs to the central nervous system
    • effectors
      • Muscles and glands
      • Muscles will contract in responce
      • Glands will produce hormones in response
    • sense organs
      • sensory neurone
        • central nervous system
          • Motor neurone
            • effectors


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