The Moral Argument

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  • The Moral Argument
    • Moral standards that overrule human authority prove that there is a God
      • A supreme authority who decreed moral laws
      • when we see good we are seeing God
      • Belief in divine justice is an essential part of having moral values
    • Kant
      • True virtue should be rewarded with happiness
      • Average virtue is not enough we are obliged to aim for the highest
      • Sunnum Bonum = virtue and happiness
      • We all  have a sense of innate moral awareness
      • Ought implies can
      • Humans can achieve virtue in a lifetime but the rewards may be beyond us (heaven)
      • There must be a God that ensures  virtue and happiness are combined
    • Plato's Euthyphros question
    • Mill 'On Nature' the world is cruel
    • Idealistic
    • The world isnt fair Darwins theory of evolution


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