The League of Nations: Weaknesses

A mind- Map showing why the league of Nations did not work

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  • The League of Nations : Weaknesses
    • No Power
      • Economic Sanctions
      • They did not ban the trade of Oil , the biggest thing all countries needed
      • Countries could still trade with Non-Members  I.e USA
    • No Army
      • The League did not have an army
      • Without an army they depended on members to supply troops
      • Without a real army they could't threaten countries
    • Too Slow
      • They only met three times a year
      • This wasn't enough to stop the likes of Hitler
      • And if making a decision they had to come to a vote that everyone said yes to
    • No Usa
      • The Usa wasn't in the league , without the USA, economic sanctions were useless
      • This is why the League did not work


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