Types of the Family

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  • types of family.
    • family
      • a type of household where the people living together are related by blood or legal proceedings.
    • 2 generations, geographicaly mobile, isolated, independant family unit, loose knit.
      • Nuclear Family
    • Extended Family
      • 3x generations, geographically static, live within one mile of next kin,dependant, close knit.
    • Modified extended family.
      • Nuclear family with extended family traits. are also known as the telephonic family.
    • Single parent family.
      • bringing up children without a partner, most commonly matrifocal.
    • Reconstituted family.
      • blended families, divorced adults forming new families.
    • Empty shell.
      • No love, but staying together for kids.
    • Empty nest
      • children have left, leaving just the couple.
    • boomerang.
      • children that have left the family keep returning, e.g for money.


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