Arguments for the Existence of God

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  • Arguments for the existence of God
    • Theist - someone who believes in God
    • Atheist - someone who does not believe in God
    • Agnostic - Someone who is not sure
    • The First Cause Argument
      • Everything that exists was caused to exist
        • The universe exists, so it must have a cause
          • There must have been something eternal that had was not caused
            • The eternal cause is God
              • Therefore God must exist
    • The Design Argument
      • The Universe it very ordered
        • It cannot have come about by random chance
          • It must have been designed
            • A design needs a designer
              • The designer is God
    • Miracles
      • If there is no natural explanation for what happened it must be supernatural
        • Therefore the event must have been caused by something outside of nature
          • Only God is outside of Nature
            • Therefore God exists
    • Religious experience
      • People are certain that God exists because they have personally met him
        • Prayer
        • Nature
        • Conversion
        • Miracles
    • Morality
      • People have an inbuilt sense of Morality
        • This comes from outside of them
          • This source is God


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