The Ewells

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  • The Ewells
    • Important in the novel - mentioned on the first page.
    • Burris Ewell - Filthy and rude, says he won't go to school again that year after his first day.
    • Mayella - oldest of the 8 children and most significant in the story
    • Mayella is19 during the trial
    • Mayella tries to be clean and tidy but has no friends - we sympathise towards her
    • Mayella is attracted to Tom Robinson - saves money all year to buy the children ice cream to get her alone with him
    • Mayella falsely accuses Tom of raping her - sympathy gone
    • Bob Ewell is a rough man and is usually drunk - 'smell of stale whiskey'
      • Rude and ill-mannered during the trial
        • Racist, ignorant and filled with hate
          • Proved to be a lier at the trial yet still wins
            • Attempts to kill Jem and Scout in an act of revenge
  • Attempts to kill Jem and Scout in an act of revenge


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