The economy in Nazi Germany

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  • The economy in Nazi Germany
    • Rearmament from 1933 in secret then publicly in 1935
      • Building up the army created jobs not just soldiers but for factory workers making ammunition
      • Hitler introduces compulsory services for men
    • Public works projects
      • National labour sent men to build a network of motorways or autoabhns
    • In 1933 unemployment is 7 million. In 1937 unemployment is half a million
    • Dr Hjalmar Schacht organised Germany's finances to fund a huge programme of work creation
    • Hitler announced a four year plan in 1936
      • To get germany ready for war
      • Under the control of Goering
    • Hitler promised low unemployment
      • Made him popular with industrial workers
        • Hitler needed good workers to create the industries that would make Germany great and establish a new empire
    • Strength through joy
      • A scheme that gave hard workers cheap theatre tickets and organised cruises and trips
    • Volkswagen Beetle
      • The "people's car" it became the symbol of the new prosperous Germany
    • Beauty of Labour
      • Improved working conditions in factories and introduced new facilities
    • DAF (General Labour Front)
      • all workers had to join
      • run by Robert Ley
      • Workers could not strike for petter pay or conditions


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