The drainage basin hydrological cycle

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  • The drainage basin hydrological cycle
    • drainage basin
      • is the catchment area from which a river system obtains its water.
    • Inputs into the drainage basin
      • Energy from the sun for  evaporation
      • Precipitation - rain  & snow
    • Outputs move moisture out of the drainage basin
      • Evaporation and  transpiration from plants (collectively called evapo-transpiration)
      • Runoff into the sea
      • Water percolating deep into underground stores where it can be effectvely lost from the system
    • Stores of water
      • On the surface - glaciers, lakes, rivers, puddles
      • Vegetation stores water by interception and plants
      • The soil can hold water
      • Groundwater is stored in permeable rocks
    • Transfers and flows
      • moves water through the system and enable inputs of water to be processed from one store to another.
      • throughfall, stemflow, infiltration, throughflow and groundwater flow


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