The Crown Court

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  • The Crown Court
    • Three tiers of Crown Court
      • First tier
        • Main places through out the country, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.
        • At each court there is a High court and a CC with seperate judges for civil and criminal work.
        • The CC is permanently staffed by High Court judges as well as circuit judges and recorders.
        • The Court can deal with all categories of crime triable on indictment.
      • Second tier
        • CC only but High court judges sit there on a regular basis to hear criminal cases.
        • All categories of crime triable or indictment can be tried here
      • Thrid tier
        • This is staffed only by circuit judges and recorders.
        • The most seriouse cases, such as murder, manslaughter and ****,
          • Are not usually tried here as there is no High Court to deal with them.
    • Prosecution
      • Already given D the statements of evidence they propose to use at the trial.
      • Must disclose previously undisclosed material which in P's opinion considered capable of undermining the case against the accused.
    • Guilty Plea
      • If possible the judge will senetnce the D immediately.
      • Means the D who plead guilty will not have an unneccessarily long wait for their case to come to court.
    • Not Guilty Plea
      • Case will be tried by jury.
      • P and D identify key issues.
      • Fact/Law - has to be agreed by both sides.
      • Directions for trial, witnesses and videolink.
      • PCMH speed up.


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