breakdown of relationships

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  • The breakdown of relationships
    • reasons for relationship breakdown (Duck 1999)
      • lack of skills-poor conversationalists or poor at indicating interest in others. lack of stimulation- people expect relationships to change and develop. maintenance difficulties.
      • A02- extramarital affairs- might be a result of lack of stimulation. study of undergrads. maintenance difficulties- LDRR and LDF. IDA-real world application- couples coping enchancement training (CCET). gender differences- women are more likely to stress unhappiness whereas men are upset by sexual withholding.
    • A model of breakdown (Rollie and Duck 2006)
      • breakdown (dissatisfaction), intraphysic processes (social withdrawal), dyadic processes (reassessment), social processes (going public) grave dressing processes ( tidying up memories), resurrection processes ( move on)
      • A02- research support- undergrads experienced emotional distress but personal growth. implications for intervention- offers an insight into the stage someones at.
      • ethical issues in breakdown research- vulnerability, privacy and confidentiality


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