The Blood

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  • The Blood
    • Red blood cells
      • Pick up oxygen from the lungs. Carry oxygen to tissues and cells where it is needed
      • Shape: biconcave discs
        • Large SA to volume ratio - diffusion of oxygen can take place
      • In lungs: haemoglobin + oxygen ---> (reversible reaction) oxyhaemoglobin
      • Red pigment - haemoglobin - carry oxygen
      • No nucleus - more space to pack in haemoglobin
    • White blood cells
      • Bigger than red and fewer of them
      • Have a nucleus
      • Part of bodys defence system - defend against disease
      • Produce antibodies to fight microorganisms and antitoxins to neutralise any toxins produced by microrganisms
      • Others digest invading bacteria/virus
    • Platelets
      • Small fragments of nucleus
      • Help blood to clot
      • Help produce a network of protein threads
        • Threads capture lots of red blood cells and more platelets to form jelly - like clot
          • Clot dries and hardens to form a scab
            • Scab protects new skin as it grows and stops bacteria getting in your body
      • Lack of platelets cause excessive bleeding and bruising
    • Plasma
      • Carries everything in the blood
      • Transport medium - yellow liquid
      • Red, white blood cells, platelets, hormones, antibodies/antitoxins
      • Nutrients like glucose, amino acids, CO2 from organs to lungs, Urea from liver and kidney



A well thought out mind map using colour to separate each idea. It would be useful to download this and add some images so that you can recognise the key cell types. Use this alongside some  sample examination questions to test your knowledge.

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