the birlings

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  • The Birlings
    • Absorbed in hypocrisy
      • Ironic that he is involved in the law. Recurring theme of dramatic irony
    • Micro-cosm
    • Sybil
      • Sybil Birling: has a charity which is ironic due to her social class prejudice.
        • Perhaps she has to forget the truth in order to keep up her artificial 'pink' lifestyle. She cannot afford to be the same as the lower class.
    • Untitled
    • Mr Birling is given the embodiment of a callous heartless socialist 'business men'.
      • Marriage is a business deal for him; he is absorbed by his self centred nature.
      • He dismisses social responsibility, 'crank'
      • He is absorbed by his values
        • puts business and wealth higher in hierarchy than the happiness of his daughter.


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